Featuring artists:  Guns and Roses, Within Temptation, Epica, Xandria, Therion and more!!
  • "The Birdcage" is an innovative concept - a music video game (MVG) featuring some of the world's leading rock, metal and film artists.


  • We combine a music album with a specially tailored video game to accompany it, creating a new way to experiencing music - an album which IS a video game.

  • The artistic core of 'The Birdcage' is a modern adaptation of the popular French folk legend "Beauty and the Beast".


  • It is a story of a young girl being abducted by a mysterious man and how, as time goes by, she falls in love with him.


  • We'll be exploring the story’s physiological aspects in the grim connotation of a kidnaping and forced captivity.


  • The album will be a concept rock album, or story concept album, and as such will unfold a piece of the story with each track.


  • Through the lyrics, the music will advance the plot and focus on the characters' relationship, abduction, and the effects of Stockholm Syndrome

  • The game will be a limited space open box exploration quest, set in the ever-changing prison in which Gitta is kept


  • The POV will shift between Gitta and Bres, as the atmosphere and appearance of the game area changes to reflect the developments in the twisted relationship between the two

  • At the moment, we plan to make the game available for Android, iOS and PC through Google Play, Apple's App Store and Steam. In the future, we hope to conquer other platforms as well.


  • The audio album will be marketed in a bundle with the game, but fully operational on any platform, device and media player as any other digital audio album bought today.


What we are intending to do is strikingly simple still yet untried - We are going to record a concept album, a really good one. Then we are going to create a video game for it.
The album will not be a soundtrack for the game and the game will not be a casual click around game. The two will be a truly integrated product.
Think of it as a very complicated, very smart, interactive and expensive music video clip which you control throughout the whole album.


Wall of Fire
Environment Sketch 1
Environment Sketch 2
Room Sketch
The Birdcage



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