What is The Birdcage?


So what we are intending to do is strikingly simple still yet untried - We are going to record a concept album, a really good one. Then we are going to create a video game for it. The album will not be a soundtrack for the game and the game will not be a casual click around game. The two will be a truly integrated product. Think of it as a very complicated, very smart, interactive and expensive music video clip which you control throughout the whole album.


The project has already received a lot of press from leading magazines thoughout the world including Metal-Hammer, Loudwire, Roling Stone Magazine, Calcalist and dozens of other sources.




We Believe that if we want to make the best product there is then we must have the best professionals - so we did.

Featuring artists from Guns N' Roses, Within Temptation, Epica and more...


'The Birdcage' is a modernized version of "The Beauty and the Beast", which tells the story of a young girl being abducted by a mysterious man and how, as time goes by, she falls in love with him. 


The music album video game will focus on their relationship, abduction, and the effects of Stockholm Syndrome.

Modernizing a known tale





We firmly believe in a DIY approach to things, hence why we decided to assemble a group of incredibly talented individuals in order to make The Birdcage the best game we can.


With a lot aspirations and the amazing synergy of our team we are working hard on giving people a new and exciting experience, both to music lovers and gamers.



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